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The Meating Room, a place where you meet to eat!


We’re a local company that specializes in all natural, non-processed meals with zero fillers and by products.


The focal point of our restaurant is the vertical rotisserie’s which feature 4 different proteins that are purchased fresh, sliced, marinated & stacked by hand. With beef, chicken, pork souvlaki and roasted lamb; we are proud to serve the highest quality proteins to our customers.


We proudly prepare everything in store which helps us control the ingredients used. In turn, we are able to offer gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options.


The Meating Room Mission is to provide a local eating establishment that serves local people only the freshest and finest meals with wholesome portions.


Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We are happy to customize any meal to help meet specific dietary restrictions. Whether you are a gym-goer needing high protein meals, on a ketogenic or specific diet, or if you simply like your meals prepared a certain way, we are at your service!


Transparency in our processes is key. With everything prepared in front of your eyes, there is no guessing as to where and how your meal is prepared. We source local ingredients when we can, grow our own organic herbs and micro-greens on display, and strive to deliver new and exciting menu options.


You may notice we take the "health conscious" approach to our meals by limiting unnecessary oils, salts, and using absolutely zero additives. By incorporating ovens into our processes we are able to take traditional deep fried favourites like french fries and falafel & bake them to perfection while reducing calories in half! We also chose to make our own pita bread and pizza dough in house for two reasons: to have fresh breads baked daily and to stretch the dough further; reducing carbohydrate content. Despite these healthy approaches, we promise not to compromise on flavour or the durability of your sandwich or pizza!


With all natural 100% fruit smoothies, low calorie slushy’s & fruit infused water, we are happy to provide refreshing and tasty desserts and beverages without the extra guilt.


Our goal for our city is to have a one stop shop that incorporates healthy wholesome meals, low calorie desserts & drinks, and most importantly a positive customer service experience.


We are always open to comments and suggestions and we’d love to hear from you!


We offer :

- Macronutrient nutritional information 

- Specialized/weighted meals to fit your daily intake requirements 

- Low carb / low fat options 

- Vegan/Vegetarian/ Dairy free meals, sauces, & smoothies 

- Gluten free meals, drinks, & sauces 


Gluten Free Meal Items:

- All 4 meat proteins: Chicken, Beef, Lamb & Pork Souvlaki

- Rice bowls  

- Salads

- Baked Poutines 

- Grilled portobellos 

- Grilled Tofu 

- Grilled vegetables 

- Pizza 

- Smoothies 

- Sauces